"the charm's wound up"


a wicked work in progress

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
October 19, 20, 21
6:00 P.M.

outside at the
Park Slope, Brooklyn

suggested donation $5

For Dzieci's chamber version of Macbeth,
the ensemble has learned all of the lines,
of every part, through a process of oral transmission.
In our rehearsals, and in production, we do not know
who will be playing any given role at any given time.

As presented by a traveling family of Gypsies,
the hour-long performance creates
the impression of a ritual or ceremony.

A very dark ceremony.

Employing haunting folk songs and chants
from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe,
Theatre Group Dzieci explores (and explodes),
the very essence of theatre and storytelling
in their one-act rendition of Shakespeare’s classic.

Bring flashlights.
Be prepared for darkness at the conclusion.

6 Rules of Engagement:
  1. Actors must know the entire text.
  2. Actors may not play the same role in successive sequences.
  3. Actors are encouraged to play a Witch, Makbet, and Lady Makbet at least once per enactment.
  4. Roles can be taken or given, embraced, or refused.
  5. We begin in ceremony and return to ceremony at the end.
  6. Nothing else is planned.

images from Dzieci Makbet 2006

map of prospect park (jpg, 460kb)
detail showing Music Pagoda (jpg, 187kb)

  • Go to the Willink Entrance, on Flatbush Avenue near the Prospect Park stop on the Q subway line, and follow the Blue Trail to the Music Pagoda.
  • People coming from Park Slope can follow the Blue Trail from the midpoint of the Long Meadow.
  • From Windsor Terrace, you can approach via the Center Drive entrance at 16th St. near 11th Ave.
  • Street parking is available around the Park perimeter. Parking lots are at Litchfield Villa, at 5th St. on PPW; and also Wollman Rink, accessible from the entrance at Ocean & Parkside Aves.

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for more information
call 718 638 6037
or e-mail us