"And someday there shall be such closeness
that when one cries the other shall taste salt."

The winter para-theatrical workshop:

The Door

a 24 hour immersion in the work of


Sunrise ~ Saturday, January 27th
to Sunrise ~ Sunday, January 28th

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 Eighth Avenue, 10th Floor
(between 36th & 37th)

$50-$150, pay what you can
bring layers of clothes and a blanket

partial participation can be arranged with prior notice
call 718 638 6037 for information
or e-mail us

Testimonials to previous Dzieci para-theatrical workshops:

"I wanted to thank all the members of Dzieci for
hosting such a wonderful, giving event. It startled me,
awakened me, and reminded me of primal places within me.”
Angela Delichatsios, participant, "Pandemonium"

"My experience totally defies words... It allowed for a sharing and
intimacy that I find lacking in my day to day. The use of movement
and sound was transformative on a kinesthetic and visceral level."
Lisa Lerner, participant, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind"

"It melted me, humbled me, destroyed my ego and pride,
ripped my heart open, and changed me forever."
Krystyna Sanderson, participant, "The Hero's Journey"