"The actor must rise to a selfless level of art."
Zeami - 15th Century

Via Negativa

A para-theatrical workshop with


Working on Essence

2:00pm to 6:00pm
Sunday, September 21st

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 Eighth Avenue, 16th Floor
(between 36th & 37th)

$25-$50, pay what you can
dress to move

to RSVP, or for information:
call 718 638 6037
or e-mail us

Testimonials to previous Dzieci para-theatrical workshops:

"My experience totally defies words, it allowed for a
sharing and intimacy that I find lacking in my day to day.
The use of movement and sound was transformative
on a kinesthetic and visceral level."
Lisa Lerner, participant, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind"

"It melted me, humbled me, destroyed my ego and pride,
ripped my heart open, and changed me forever."
Krystyna Sanderson, participant, "The Hero's Journey"

"There was so much laughter and many things learned in those
two days. We are grateful for your passion for what you do
and commitment to finding the sacred through ritual!"
Rev. Brent McDougal, Institute for Clergy Excellence

"Inspiring work, excellent execution.
"Wonderful non-verbal end to the conference."
Participant evaluations, 5th Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychotherapy, "Movement and Repose" workshop

"Please accept my deepest gratitude. Just for the opportunity
to spend 24 hours shedding my long held anxieties, doubts and
cynicism was priceless. You were so generous with your hearts,
energy, focus, passion and more."
Reiko Aylesworth, participant, "Maraton"

"Truly one of the most amazing things I've experienced as a
person or actress. Today, I found myself feeling unafraid to
take risks no matter where I was. The normal daily fears of
people and places occurred, but the filter to which I would
adjust my voice and behavior seemed to have gone away.
I only hope others can fully realize themselves as I have.”
Judy Maier, participant, "Maraton"

"My God what an awesome and profound experience!"
Mark Sklawer, Director of Body Temple, particpant, "Maraton"

"Dzieci is a wonderful example of the spiritual intensity possible
when theatre engages the age-old mysteries of faith and the
human experience. We at the Cathedral found the very stones
of our monumental building coming alive through their presence."
Canon Tom Miller,
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine,
New York City

"I don't know any other group, which combines music,
drama, dance, and spirituality in the way that they do."
Rev. Dr. Daniel Meeter,
Pastor, Old First Reformed Church, Brooklyn

"Your work persists as a point of radiance for me."
Antero Ali, Director, Paratheatrical Research Center