Creative Interactions

In Dzieci's commitment to service,
we make ourselves available for a variety of performances
and workshops in hospitals and other institutions.
The group has had ongoing relationships with:
Manhattan Psychiatric and Rockland Psychiatric Centers,
Stony Lodge Hospital, United Cerebral Palsy, Montefiore
Medical Center, Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation,
The Associated Blind, Children's Hope Foundation,
The International Rescue Committee, Federation Employment
Guidance Services, and Hospital Audiences, Inc.

The Dzieci Creative Interaction is essentially an
improvisational, celebratory event. Structured to fit
the parameters of space and time, we rely on the
group's expertise in clowning, acrobatics, choral singing,
and trust exercises to establish a bond with our audience,
ultimately empowering them to join in the creative process.

Dzieci has a variety of looks for different occasions:
Medieval Fools, costumed in shades of white, singing
hymns and chants from the 8th through the 17th centuries;
ragamuffin Kids, in denims and calicoes, singing old spirituals
and work songs; an exuberant and colorful family of
traveling Gypsies, singing old European folk songs;
the absurdly incompetent acrobatic troupe, Cirkus Luna!;
and as a variety of buffoons for specially themed parties.

Dzieci's shows are basically non-verbal.
This allows for a contact that bridges all cultures and ages,
as well as special needs audiences.

Notes from Kids
Notes from Staff

The ensemble is also available for more
intimate creative interaction, as well as
walk-around performances and staged
presentations for schools, street fairs,
private parties, and corporate events,
and can appear in any configuration;
from duets to the full company.

Contact: Matt Mitler (tel: 718 638 6037)
or e-mail us at

Creative Interactions

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