All Dzieci performances, once created, remain in repertory
and are re-created as a living ritual for the company.
The pieces evolve as the company evolves,
and there is no end to their development.

Performances are available for touring and can be easily
adapted for intimate settings or huge arenas. Dzieci has
performed "Fools Mass" for seven hundred screaming
teenagers in a High School gymnasium, and for a half
dozen humble parishioners in a diminutive Gothic chapel.

We are currently offering two specific programs:

Fools Mass
In this work, a motley group of medieval village idiots
are forced to enact their own Mass, due to the untimely
death of their beloved pastor. Though it sounds grim,
Fools Mass is full of buffoonery and comic audience
participation. This, along with choral singing of
sacred hymns and chants from the 8th through
the 17th centuries, combines to create a work
which travels from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Dzieci has been steadily working on a Gypsy retelling of
the Shakespearean classic. For this condensed version
of Macbeth, the ensemble has learned all the lines,
of every part, through a process of oral transmission,
so as to create maximum improvisational possibilities.
In rehearsal, as well as production, we do not know
who will be playing any given role at any given time.

The show has the impression of being a ritual or
ceremony. A very mysterious ceremony. Employing
haunting folk songs and chants from Scandinavia
and Eastern Europe, along with the poetry of
Shakespeare’s eternal verse, the company explores,
and explodes, the very essence of theatre and storytelling.

Both Fools Mass and Makbet can be performed for
any audience and can be augmented with Dzieci
workshops or seminars. We have performed all
around New York; also in Connecticut, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, and Spain.

Contact: Matt Mitler (tel: 718 638 6037)
or e-mail us at

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