The Workshop

The Dzieci Workshop offers an intense and rigorous
Para-theatrical experience, which goes far beyond typical
barriers of actor and audience. As with our Creative
Interactions, the Workshop is essentially non-verbal,
with guidance gently provided by the ensemble through
sound and gesture. Each workshop begins with a theme
based on a current inquiry for the group, and follows
in accordance with the nature of the participants as,
together, we become a single community.

Past themes have included:
In the Country of the Blind, where blind and seeing
participants worked together in absolute darkness;
Vow of Silence, with no vocal expression at all;
The Hero's Journey; employing tribal rites and archetypical
narrative; Breath of Life, work with Sufi religious forms;
and Circle of Fire, exploring Native American ritual.

For the company, the workshop is a chance to develop
skills of leadership and intuition, strengthening relationships
within the company, while extending our process to
include others. Depending upon numbers, it may be
possible for guests to have individual guides.

Dzieci has been hired to create specially designed
workshops for such diverse clientele as: art therapists,
theology students, psychiatric staff, youth in crisis, clergy,
and actors. Following are a few sample themes available
as individual workshops or as a series of classes:

Sacred Theatre
Through physical, vocal, and ensemble exercises,
explorations in ritual and ceremony, and vigorous
confrontation with personal obstacles, participants
will be brought to the axis where theatre and
spirituality converge; where attention is strengthened
and presence is demanded. (This course could
culminate in the presentation of a group creation.

The Holy Fool
The Trickster and The Fool are alive within us.
Through trust, relaxation, and improvisation,
we can discover a practice of service through
the healing power of anarchy and laughter.
(This course could include on-site work
with children in schools or hospitals.

Art in Service
The "Gift" is only honored when it is sacrificed
to something higher. This workshop is specifically
designed for those with a talent, who wish to
actively engage the question, "What do I serve?"
(This course could culminate in a public offering.)

Facing a real teacher, we are brought to a place of
stillness and attention. Some say we are brought "home".
For those who have an aim to be leaders, presence
is an essential quality to develop and refine.
In this course, we will meticulously study a most
allusive and fascinating subject: The Self.
(This course could include opportunities for participants
to demonstrate qualities of leadership through
counseling, offering a homily, or officiating a service.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

In addition to private workshops and classes,
Dzieci offers Para-theatrical Workshops
open to the public several times a year.

E-mail us for more information or
if you would like to be on our mailing list.

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