Workshop Testimonials

"I wanted to thank all the members of Dzieci for hosting
such a wonderful, giving event. It startled me and
awakened me and reminded me of primal places in me
that I recognized and would like to visit more often."
Angela Delichatsios, participant, "Pandemonium"

"My experience totally defies words.
It allowed for a sharing and intimacy that I find lacking
in my day to day. The use of movement and sound was
transformative on a kinesthetic and visceral level."
Lisa Lerner, participant, "The Thunder, Perfect Mind"

"It melted me, humbled, destroyed my ego and pride,
ripped my heart open, and changed me forever."
Krystyna Sanderson, participant, "The Hero's Journey"

"Thanks to you and your beautiful brothers and sisters
in Dzieci. You touch the hearts of all of us."
Anita Stewart, Vice President,
The Heart of the Healer Foundation

"I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated
your individual creativity and talent in your work with
our Employment Services Division clients. We know
that these clients were energized with the hope that
they can make positive behavioral changes in their
efforts to secure employment. Again, thank you for
your warmth, graciousness, and sensitivity to the
FEGS Health and Human Services clientele."
Bobbi Nathanson, ACSW, Program Manager, FEGS

“My colleagues at the Nashville Institute for Clergy
Excellence and I offer our heartfelt thanks for your
collegiality in ministry in sharing your personal and
professional experience and time with us.
We really appreciate your consideration and
willingness to aid us in our own pastoral and
personal development. Your insights will expand
our abilities to minister to those whom we serve.”
The Reverend Victor Singletary
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Nashville TN

"Inspiring work, excellent execution.
Look forward to working with them again.”
“Wonderful non-verbal end to the conference.”
“Fucking brilliant!”
from participant evaluations
5th Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychotherapy
“Movement and Repose” workshop

"The workshop you conducted for our refugee students
was a huge success. The students really enjoyed the
opportunity to express themselves through movement
and dance. This experience allowed them to connect
with other refugee youth and helped them build a
sense of community with each other. They rarely
have opportunities like the one that you provided.
As you witnessed, the students were excited
to be there and had a great time.”
Jill Gleiser, IRC Youth Program

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