“The performers entered so truthfully into their characters and related so lovingly with the spectators,
we had no choice, but be engaged and to engage in wonder. Dzieci is not simply a troupe of performers
but a community seeking together a profound relationship with the Spiritual.”
~ Rex Deverell, Minister Emeritus, Calvary Baptist Church, Toronto ~

Announcing the 15th Anniversary of Dzieci’s
Fools Press Release ’14

Music from Fools Mass
“Rex Caeli Domine”
“Gloria Sei Dir Gesungen”
“Aus Tiefer Not”
 “Ich Steh an Deiner Krippen Hier”


A 2007 Essay on Fools Mass and The Dzieci Workshop

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We would like to have wings in order to fly toward God;
yet it is not forbidden to go in that direction, even limping.

Dzieci is available to create and officiate unique, personalized ceremonies
for virtually any life event or rite of passage.
Here is a glimpse into a Wedding Ceremony for Jessica and Les.
A Dzieci Wedding Ceremony

Dzieci Bay Area tour!
(1) Makbet – Opening Night & Ecstatic Quotes!
Thanks to our Kickstarter contributers for making this possible!

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A recent Interview with company director, Matt Mitler

A Passion Photo Album and Passion Finale

Video Excerpts:
Passion reviewed in TheatreScene and A Personal Reflection by Rev. Daniel Meeter

A photo album from Dzieici’s retreat with the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory
The Brotherhood Speaks About Dzieci


































Dzieci’s final visit to Cabrini hospital, an essay by Isis Phoenix – Dzieci Cabrini and photos 1997-2012

Dzieci featured in Scene, the journal of the International Schools Theatre Association

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