Thanks to the wonderful audiences who helped us recreate
New pics by Mackenzie Graves and Larry Desgaines
Robert Prichard’s Lovely Review

Rehearsing Makbet @ SWC
A photo album

Performing Makbet @ SWC
Photo Album 10/17/21

Black Light Halloween Puppet Show 2021
2020 Black Light Puppet Show

We would like to have wings in order to fly toward God;
yet it is not forbidden to go in that direction, even limping.

Accepting the Conditions
~ A Note From the Director ~

Dzieci profiled on TDF’s
“Meet the Theatre”


Matt Mitler – Theatre, Transformation & The Pursuit of Truth
The Ownstream Podcast Episode 43

Fools Wedding
A lovely window into the work behind Dzieci’s one of a kind extravaganza
by Kristina Tate for Guernica Magazine

Dzieci is available to officiate unique, personalized ceremonies
for virtually any life event or rite of passage.
Fools Wedding Album

Dzieci’s final visit to Cabrini hospital, an essay by Isis Phoenix –
Dzieci Cabrini a
nd photos 1997-2012

Please support Dzieci’s ongoing creative process.

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