“You haven’t seen Macbeth until you’ve seen it presented by Dzieci Theatre… an eye-popping-ear-poking
confirmation that Shakespeare once again constructed something not easily degraded.
You’re not likely to see anything resembling Makbet ever again.”

~ David Finkle, Huffington Post ~

“Intense and deeply satisfying… compels the audience to share very intimately the characters’ suffering and passions.
And oh, such passions. You’ll get chills down your spine when Lady Macbeth calls upon evil spirits…
Scenes with the three witches are the stuff of nightmares — It’s all terrific theatre.”

~ Lore Croghan, Brooklyn Daily Eagle ~

“The most thrilling reinterpretation of Macbeth we’ve ever seen!
If you’re lucky enough to catch this show while there’s still time, you should get what we mean when we say
hats off—and on, and off again, and on again—to Matt Mitler and his small but convincing cast!”
~ Andrew Andrews, Opplaud ~

“Intimate and powerful… The actors’ trust in one another is palpable…
Dzieci’s staging of Shakespeare’s play is a truly unique and rewarding venture. Catch it while you can!”
~ Carrie Lee O’Dell, The Reviews Hub ~

“One of the most gut-punching productions of Macbeth I ever saw. A one-of-a-kind immersive show.
The beauty of Dzieci’s production is that it can satisfy the tastes of very diverse audiences…
all kinds of folk will find something precious in this experience. Makbet is not to be missed!”
~ Asya Dinilova, OnStage Blog ~

Now through October 8th

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Makbet 2008 – Sixth St & Ave B Community Garden – photos by Geo Geller

Viima (Cold Wind) – Karelian chant performed by Hedningarna

We would like to have wings in order to fly toward God;
yet it is not forbidden to go in that direction, even limping.

On Shakespeare and Shipping Containers – A Note on the Production

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Behold the Human Sacrifice NOW!

Dzieci is available to create and officiate unique, personalized ceremonies
for virtually any life event or rite of passage.
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A Dzieci Wedding Ceremony

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