There were moments of irreverent buffoonery and moments of divine grace, moments of hope and moments of heartbreaking despair. And in spite of a very palpable sense that I had been transported to another place and time, I was struck to the core by their aching struggle and enlivened persistence. For as those of us in the modern world also grope for our way in the dark without guidance, we nevertheless find moments of light. Like these fools all we have is each other
and the will to continue making it up as we go along.
~ Julia Hochner, New York Theatre Review 2012 ~

The 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee!
December 2nd to 16th
Complete Fools Schedule Here!

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Fools Mass – The Early Years
Photos by Jen Petrashock

In Gratitude
Director’s Commentary 2023

We would like to have wings in order to fly toward God;
yet it is not forbidden to go in that direction, even limping.

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