Dzieci To Go

All Dzieci performances can be configured for any space, indoors or out,
with a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve performers.
There are no set, lighting, or sound requirements.

Dzieci is also available for more intimate creative interaction, as well as for walk-around, improvisational performances and staged presentations for schools, street fairs, private parties, and corporate events, and can make an appearance as any size ensemble, from  a duet to the full company.

Dzieci has a variety of looks for different occasions: Medieval Fools, costumed in shades of white, singing hymns and chants from the 8th through the 17th centuries; ragamuffin Kidz, in denims and calicoes, singing old spirituals and work songs; an exuberant and colorful family of traveling Gypsies, singing old European folk songs; Silly Chefs singing French chansons; the absurdly incompetent acrobatic troupe, Cirkus Luna!; and as a variety of buffoons for specially themed parties, as well as celebrity look-a-like impersonations.

For further information and bookings, please use our contact form or phone the business office at 718 638 6037.

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